About Us

About us

We are a group of people who are true friends of the sea, oceanographers, marine biologists and technicians! We created the Institute of Marine Research and Education – “Oceanides” based in Kalymnos, in the south Aegean but our interest and our actions expand to the global ocean!

Through scientific research and team actions, our team’s goals are to monitor and protect marine life, to propose conservation actions to restore marine ecosystems, to create and share ocean data, information and knowledge.

With the main focus on scientific research and joint actions, our team aims to manage environmental problems and raise awareness to the local and general society in matters of great importance. The pressures faced by aquatic ecosystems not only endanger the health of the seas but also the very survival of humans.

Our mission is to advance science, expertise and innovation. Through various local actions we want to contribute to the protection and conservation of the global Ocean.

Our Goals

  • Monitor and protect marine life.
  • Propose measures for conservation and restoration of marine ecosystems.
  • Create and share ocean data, information and knowledge.
  • Sustainably use marine resources to the benefit of the society.

Our Team

Zinovia Erga

Zinovia Erga


scuba instructor, marine ecologist, oceanographer

Niki Koutouzi

Niki Koutouzi


Cetologist, Marine biologist, Oceanographer

Ector Yiourgis

Ector Yiourgis


scuba instructor, icthyologist, fisheries management

Become a Volunteer!


Every action, big or small, takes us one step further to saving our ecosystems. We need you to make a difference. If you want to join our actions or projects – welcome! Send us an e-mail at info@oceanides.org to unite our forces!




All of our work is made possible and stronger with your support! By making a donation you support our team in finding solutions that have a unique purpose: to promote a sustainable balance between healthy seas and human activity.

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