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Biodiversity in the Mediterranean is very important to human populations while providing them with marine products and services, as well as cultural and societal benefits. But Mediterranean is a complex region where ecological and human influences meet and strongly interact, enacting a growing impact to marine biodiversity.

Fisheries in our country for many years now, has been a key element of our production network and our traditions. However, the health of our seas, the maintenance of our dietary habits and the well-being of our fleets are threatened by overfishing, the fishing of fish in such large quantities that their populations do not have the time to reproduce and recover. As a result, an imbalance of our marine ecosystems is formed, with a significant reduction of populations and loss of biodiversity. Also, irreversible damage to the seabed and marine environment is also caused by specific fishing gears while others have high rates of bycatch.

For all these reasons it is very important, for widely consumed fish, to have knowledge of the correct seasons, the correct sizes and the right fishing gear!

Our team, operating on an island with a deep tradition of interacting with the sea and fishing, aims to study and promote new ways of sustainable fishing that will protect our seas but at the same time people and our society.

There is no more room for wasting marine life!