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The Dolphin project

Cetaceans are a group of animals that belong to marine mammals,they represent a unique component of marine biodiversity and have a key ecological role as apex predators in food web in marine ecosystems. They are high profile and charismatic taxa that capture public interest and have a wide range of socio-economic, recreational and cultural values as organisms and as a social structure as well. Some cetaceans are indicators for the state of marine ecosystems (e.g., effects of climate change), and have special conservation importance. The threats these species their environment are facing, (depletion of prey, competition, pollution, net entanglements, intentional killing from fishermen, noise pollution etc.) are rapidly increasing leading to an immediate need for their study and protection!

In the area of Kalymnos, there have been many observations of dolphin groups from shore and many more on board.

The Dolphin Project focuses on creating a scientific database with identifying and documenting all dolphin species and groups which are observed in the main area of Kalymnos Island. Another aspect of this project is to study the social structure and relationships these species or group of species create between them and to make estimation about their abundance.

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