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Kalymnos conservation

Can you imagine the ocean without a fish?

Marine biodiversity, the variety of life in the ocean and seas, has a significant role for the well-being of our marine environments. It is vital for maintaining the functionality and productivity of our ecosystems and makes habitats more resilient to environmental change.

Due to the rapid changes our planet is facing in water temperature, nutrient concentrations, and due to overfishing, habitat destruction and invasions of foreign species, biological diversity in our seas is rapidly declining.

All this concerning facts about our seas lead to the Kalymnos Conservation Project!

Our research project is ongoing from 2021 and its main objective is to create a baseline of the marine ecosystems that are found in the aquatic area of Kalymnos. An archive of different species observed will be created, and their abundance and seasonality will be studied in order to evaluate the status of Kalymnos marine life.

If you want to learn more about the marine biodiversity in Kalymnos island send us an e-mail at z.erga@oceanides.org.